Sunday, September 28, 2014

Briefing before fly to Korea

Eh hye! :D almost two years kot tak update blog then suddently nak update tetiba. Motif? Because of I miss Seoul so much. Hahaha actually, because I have short term memory and tak nak memories gone macam tu je then decide nak tulis dalam blog. Well gambar boleh simpan but memories will gone day by day.

Okay lets start, aku baru je touched down malaysia few days a go. To be specific, on wednesday (24/9/2014) then friday start kerja balik. How long in Korea? - 17days. Hahaha long vacation actually that why please understand me when I said I miss Seoul so much because I been there for 17days! Hahaha :D

My flight to Korea on September 8, 2014 during Chuseok Day in Korea. Masa nie autumn dah start tapi still tak sejuk sangat around 26 degrees if I not mistake. Aku pergi ber-empat all girls and stay dekat guesthouse. Well, boleh je kalau korang nak duduk hotel tapi sebab aku stay 17 days and nak cut cost so mimi decided to stay at guesthouse sahajalah. I will story about our guesthouse later.

Ktorang pergi dengan cara backparkers style which is no travel agent lah. We meet up 2 times before fly to Korea. 1st meet up to arrange which location and attraction we going to visit and second meet up just for reminder what should we bring etc. Everyone macam excited before aku fly ke Korea tapi aku tak rasa macam tu pun may be because of I'm still working on weekend (I fly on monday) and still afraid regarding MH17 and MH370 tragedic.

Weh panjangnya intro aku. Hahahaha nanti aku share macam mana aku stay 17 hari dengan budget 5K. RM5,000 cost including flight ticket + guesthouse + food + sourvenier + transportation cost. Before I end my story, I listed a few main point about my trip to Korea.

1) Currency masa aku tukar is RM1 = 3.175 won
2) Stayed at guesthouse
3) Flight using AirAsia.
4) Pergi ber-empat (mimi, aleya and ros including me)
5) Season : autumn
6) Budget RM5,000 for 17days
7) Backpakers style.

Next week aku update lagi. Bye! :D

Grammar jangan cakaplah, terabur habis tapi ignored je lah eh. :)